Hello friend, I'm Santiago.

A "backend developer" from Dominican Republic

About Me

Let's get acquainted

I help companies & startups bring their products to life through effective & performant code. I design and build backend processes with a focus on simplicity, performance and facility to integrate with multiple systems.

I have completed my graduation from the Unapec University. I live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

My public github profile is xhit and I have affinity with Go programming language.

Why I say I'm not a developer? Well, I fix problems and build solutions to customers. Developers now focus too much in code elegancy, patterns, etc... before deliver the solution. I prefer solve the problem and refactor later... If need it.

Check out my Works

  1. Dixer
  2. Go Simple Mail
  3. Go String To Duration

See more works on xhit


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